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Welcome to We hope that everyone will find something for themselves. Our offer only branded pheromone perfume and originally packaged by the manufacturer. For registered users we have attractive discounts and a points system. Every month we organize special promotions. We invite all who want to share their insights to post review and present their opinions.

New Products
Exxtreme Libido 5caps
images/min/product_mid/Exxtreme woman 5.jpg Exxtreme Libido 5caps Exxtreme main advantages are: obtaining state of excitement, which, depending on the organism can take up to 48 hours, to obtain vaginal lubrication, so that the ratio can be more delicate, and experience intense (orgasm vaginal), sensitize the clitoris which can help you achieve orgasm łechtaczkowego, stimulate the brain and thereby increasing control over your arousal and orgasm achieved. stimulate the breasts, and in particular of hypersensitivity nipple to every touch heighten your experience The package 10 of capsules £8.86 koszyk,powiedz, 60
Prorino Potency 5caps
images/min/product_mid/Prorino Men Caps.jpg Prorino Potency 5caps The most important goal of the preparation is to provoke a positive impact on sexual activity. PRORINO was created for men who want a safe way to support your sexuality and get a proper erection. PRORINO is designed to greatly assist in normal blood, particularly in the pelvic region so that in this way clearly can enhance an erection and longer maintain it. With regular use can affect the steady improvement in sexual dysfunction.The package 10 of capsules £11.54 koszyk,powiedz, 61
GoMan Potency 10caps
images/min/product_mid/GoMan.jpg GoMan Potency 10caps The one-of-a-kind product as a complete erection, available without a prescription. Its unique herbal composition provides beneficial effects on erectile dysfunction and achieved orgasm in men. It was created so that immediate and satisfactory stimulate your body to erekcji- just one tablet for 1-2 hours before intercourse, in return you get a guarantee of a long and strong erection up to several hours. Regular use of GO MAN as a reliable long-term impact on improving your sexual performance.Package 10 Tablets £31.95 koszyk,powiedz, 62
Love & Desire for Men 100ml
images/min/product_mid/Love Desire Men.png Love & Desire for Men 100ml Perfumes containing pheromones naturally act. Sam Love & Desire scent is very masculine, strong and mesmerizing, pheromones and do not smell, can not be detected neither for you nor for third parties. Using perfume with pheromones, you do not have to use any other smells. Pheromone Love & Desire is the only possess two important ingredients: androsteron and androstadienon. This formula was created specifically to provide you with maximum effect. £21.13 koszyk,powiedz, 64
Be Mine for Women 100ml
images/min/product_mid/BeMine Women.png Be Mine for Women 100ml The original feminine bouquet fragrance was created in France thanks to the experience of the brand LOVELY LOVERS. As a result of research and testing over 237 attractant scent in different compositions were selected those that most influenced the opposite sex. The highest concentration and quality of the ingredients used in the creation of this floral-fruity-woody composition allows you to create a seductive aura full of women vibration, elegance and charm. £30.01 koszyk,powiedz, 69
Phobium Pheromo for Men 100ml
images/min/product_mid/Phobium for Men.jpg Phobium Pheromo for Men 100ml Phobium Pheromo - pheromones for men with an elegant, masculine fragrance. A unique set of ingredients produces in the women desire, sexual arousal and increased attraction to a man whose sense of exciting aura. Successful operation results from the Phobium Pheromo placed in the special fragrances for which women react subconsciously and be able to resist its action. £16.87 koszyk,powiedz, 66
Yodeyma - Cheante 100ml for Women
images/min/product_mid/perfumy cheante.jpg Yodeyma - Cheante 100ml for Women Slight hint of floral chypre £15.98 koszyk,powiedz, 38
Yodeyma - Beach 100ml for Men
images/min/product_mid/perfumy beach.jpg Yodeyma - Beach 100ml for Men Perfume. Aromatic scent-wood. £15.98 koszyk,powiedz, 48
Yodeyma - Kara 100ml for Women
images/min/product_mid/perfumy kara.jpg Yodeyma - Kara 100ml for Women £15.98 koszyk,powiedz, 41
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